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History of Plattin Rock Boat Club

The original name of our club was The Jefferson County Boat Club. The first meeting was held on March 8, 1956 at Artesian Park in Herculaneum, Missouri. During this meeting, a collection was taken to pour a concrete boat ramp, part of which can still be seen on the flat rocks just north of Doe Run Lead Company. By April the boat club was drawing up by-laws and applying for non-profit status with the state of Missouri.

In 1962 the membership started clearing the land at our current location which was being rented from PPG. At the time, the grounds were so heavily wooded one could not see the river.

By 1964 the club purchased its first tractor and brush hog as the land was now cleared enough that grass cutting could begin on  the grounds.

In 1965 the club finger docks on the banks of the rivers and a tow boat named Joe accidentally damaged the docks.

The original pavilion was destroyed by flooding in 1969.

In March, 1971, the club began construction on the first club house with Ben Jokerst carrying rock and building the fireplace by hand in our lower clubhouse.

September, 1972, the club having taken out a small business loan bought the club grounds from PPG for $5000.

In 1982, the membership voted to change the name to Plattin Rock Boat Club which is derived from the huge rock just north of our property that years ago protruded over the bank of the river. This rock was first used by the Indians and later by steamboats to moor. Unfortunately, over several hundred years of the river silting in and changing course, the Plattin rock is no longer visible.

In 1993, we suffered the most devastating flood of all times. Not only was our property under water, but all except the top eight inches of our lower club house was under water. The railroad tracks were covered with three feet of water also.

Most of the above information was summated by our historian, Mike Axtetter, and other long time members.